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Upcoming Events!

We need your help!  We need your feedback so that we know which direction to move in.  Please fill out this survey (it will only take about 5 minutes):

We are offering FREE webinars!

Wednesday Jan 17: Webinar: ADHD (Attention Differently and Happily Developed), 12-1 pm.  Focus is on what ADHD is, symptoms, gifts, and strategies.  Registration preferred:

Wednesday Jan 31: Webinar: Moving On: Managing Ambiguous Grief.  12-1 pm When a loved one is diagnosed with a mental illness/brain disorder, our loved one and ourselves experience a sense of uncertainty and quite often a sense of loss as everyone grapples with the new circumstances.  This webinar discusses how to cope with this difficult process.  Registration preferred:

LIVE at the Edinburg Center on January 24 from 7-8:30 PM!  Join us  for “Replanting lives uprooted by mental illness: Support for families,”  This is a support group that focuses on strategies for managing when loved ones have mental illnesses. In this session, we are going to explore what “silent agreements” are (Negative beliefs and expectations.  Family rules, roles, and expectations.  When your thoughts go to the “Should’s, ought’s, must’s, have-to’s” you are identifying the silent agreements that may or may not be healthy for you or anyone else),  how they influence relationships (especially once mental illness influences the family), and once identified, options of how to manage them.  We offer a minimum of three strategies for managing silent agreements. Participants will leave the session empowered and confident or, at the very least, with the sense that others share similar experiences. Join us!

Edinburg Center, 205 Burlington Road, Bedford.  For questions and to register (recommended),

We are also offering this in a daytime session on Tuesday, Feb 6 from 10:30-noon at the Gleason Public Library in Carlisle.  Drop ins welcome although  Registration preferred:

If you know of someone with a family member who has a mental illness, please inform them about GASF. Your introductions are vital to helping us continue to serve families in need.

Deeply grateful for your support, Mara Briere, MA Certified Family Life Educator Founder & President Grow A Strong Family, Inc.

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