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Transition Time

As I pulled on long pants for the first time in 3 months, I realized that the summer is really winding down. Already, the mornings are darker and the sun sets earlier. The day is warm while it is sandwiched between cooler temperatures. Geese are gathering. Acorns are falling. Hurricanes are forecast! Everything is in transition. It is at times like this that I pause, take stock, and prepare for the busy time just ahead.

We have conducted our first survey and the results are in. We are making plans accordingly! So far, we will be offering the “How To” seminars in a 5 part series through the community education departments of Lexington MA beginning September 22 from 7-9pm ; Bedford MA beginning October 17 from 7-8:30 pm; and, Concord MA beginning October 19 from 10-11:30. Feel free to reserve your spot and ensure that you will be able to attend! This series offers strategies, support, and conversation about what the friends and caregivers of loved ones with mental illnesses need. In addition to more effective communication, avoiding power struggles, and developing a community, we have added managing the grief, and improving family “self” care. These last two are a wonderful addition to our repertoire of services.

For registration information, follow these links:

Click to access fall_2016_brochure_aug_24_edit.pdf

We are offering a FREE evening talk, “Coping with the cycles of grief” for Central NAMI Middlesex on Monday, September 19 at the Edinburg Center in Lexington. Socializing from 7-7:30; talk is from 7:30-8:30.

The coaching practice has also been revamped. As expected, with the development of new programs, new skills have been acquired. We are very excited to be able to offer them in the customized format that the coaching service provides.

In our experience, the summer tends to offer families a relief from the grind of the structured school year. Even when families have adult children, we are all so conditioned by the school year that we tend to respond accordingly! With this in mind, consider how your family tends to operate in the coming months and plan for it. We are especially effective when we have the ability to manage difficult circumstances without the drama of a crisis.

Consider giving yourself and your family the gift of thoughtful preparation through participating in our coaching sessions or the seminars or even through participating in our Facebook group.

OH! I forgot to mention that we will be offering a closed group through our Facebook page ( )! It is in the planning stage right now and will be rolled out and open for membership by the end of the month! Visit us and like us and when the group is launched, you will know!

Max and I are ready, willing, and able to engage in our pet therapy service. Let us know who, what, when, and where, and we can make it happen! A visit at your house, ours, a walk, whatever will work.

We look forward to connecting with you in the near future!

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