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Social Distance Comforting

When the group met last night, the question was asked, "How do I comfort a family going through hospice during this time of social distancing?" Many suggestions were shared. I want to summarize them here for all of us to consider how to connect in a time of physical distancing?

  1. Change the language from "social distance" to "physical distance." The truth of the matter is that humans require social connections in order to be healthy. That is why we use social media and zoom and Skype and other ways to stay connected. Physical distance, however, is necessary for social health and well-being during this time when an illness is not under control and can have deadly consequences.

  2. Set up "car dates." Agree to park physically close enough to converse and far enough away to be safe.

  3. Engage in acts of kindness and care. Drop off plants, food, a blanket (in place of a hug).

  4. Get creative. Make a collage of loved ones together. Compile the memories that celebrate the best of times.

  5. Create a playlist of music that expresses your feelings, put it on a thumb drive, and drop it off.

  6. Text simple expressions of care. "Just thinking of you and sending you love."

  7. Organize a meal drive with others so the family doesn't have to think about food.

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