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Remembering Mother’s Day

Three generations. 15 years ago. Sandwiched between my mother and my daughter, I am grateful for this moment in time. We were in accord. This picture depicts the success of our attempts to rewrite the family narrative to one which sees independent, capable women.

Times change. My mother passed away. My daughter is fully grown, living her life. Mother’s Day, like birthdays, are anniversaries. They recall times of joy and times of sorrow. I have taught myself, with the guidance of others, to make these anniversaries into mindful moments. I plan for them. I think about some way to honor the relationships, to remember, to celebrate, and to appreciate my role.

As family members who have been uprooted by the brain disorders of loved ones, it is especially important for us, and our families, to honor our roles, our changes, and our loves. Treat yourselves well.

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