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November 2019 Newsletter

November 2019 Newsletter

One of our Board Members, Laura Baliestero, gave her supporters a “Tea” on a Sunday afternoon in October.  The event was called, “Women I Love Lots, ” and included two exceptional speakers, Nancy Pizzo Boucher, and Kimberly Napier, sharing their stories of resilience through overwhelming adversity.  Both speakers invited listeners to examine their own strengths and offered many tools for increasing resilience.  Nancy Pizzo Boucher gave us the gift of “16 Steps to Take in Navigating Forward from Adversity.”  Kimberly Napier transformed her entire life to one of greater fulfillment, integrity, and joy and she is now a professional life coach guiding others on their journeys.

Nancy is an author, public speaker, and advocate for families uprooted by mental illness.  Her books include: Getting my night vision; Replanting lives uprooted by mental illness: A workbook for family members; Defusing the mental illness triangle.  All can be purchased through amazon!  Nancy also generously donated a dozen books to Grow a Strong Family!

Kimberly is a Life and Business Elevation Coach & Speaker.  She has her transformative practice in Concord MA.  You can view her webpage at

The Tea was a celebration of the sisterhood of women, and it was topped off with a special acknowledgement of her own sister, Charlene, who was celebrating a milestone birthday.

Laura asked everyone to help her support a cause “near and dear to her heart,” and that cause was Grow a Strong Family!  The founder gave a speech about how the organization was founded and the work it has accomplished in the first five years.  In addition to the newsletter and customized coaching services, there is a comprehensive multimedia website that is updated regularly, over 16 published booklets, 3 decks of self-care cards, a support group, and now an online course for training facilitators of the Replanting Lives Program.  Participants at the Tea were very generous and donated in excess of $4000!  

The inspiring event in its entirety can be viewed here:

In honor of this event, we have a new page on our website called, “Navigating Forward from Adversity” and features the speech by Nancy Pizzo Boucher and links to a new picture booklet on this topic:

When you visit our website, you can click on links to information, services, and resources.  Two new pages include one that brings you directly to where our booklets are!  The other page is a direct link to purchase cards for promoting insight and reminders about how to get through the labyrinth of loving someone with a mental illness.  All of our booklets and cards make great holiday gifts!

Replanting Lives Group: Tues Nov 12 from 10:30-noon will be at the Bedford Public Library (7 Mudge Way, Bedford MA) and   Weds/Nov 13  7-8:30 pm at the Bedford COA, (12 Mudge Way, Bedford, MA).  FREE.  Registration preferred (scroll down the page): to take good, loving care of yourself!

Thank you!

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