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Mother’s Day

Hallmark holidays can be difficult times for families when a loved one has been diagnosed with a mental illness and is not currently functioning well.

To those mothers who are struggling, be kind to yourself. Just because your son or daughter cannot express how much you are loved, valued, and appreciated does not mean that you are not worthy of all of that and more.

How are you going to celebrate yourself? How can you acknowledge that you welcomed the role of “Mom” and did your very best? What one special gift can you give yourself? When you reflect on years past, other Mother’s Days, happier ones, how were you celebrated? Flowers? Chocolate? A special dinner? Breakfast indulgence? Pedicure? Trip to a beloved place? Offer this to yourself. You deserve it!

You can always create a new tradition for yourself, too. Sometimes, these holidays become an opportunity for us to create a new chapter for ourselves. Consider this as an option and an opportunity.

Whatever you do, however you decide to spend the day, just know that you are beloved, appreciated, valued, irreplaceable, and richer for your willingness to love and nurture and accept the very best from your loved ones..

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