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May 2020 Newsletter

May is Mental Health Awareness Month AND Mother's Day AND Spring!

Grow a Strong Family understands that this time of social distancing can be especially difficult for families.  We are “Open for Business” and offering our coaching services through Zoom.  No one has to be managing alone.  Contact us!

Visit and engage in a discussion on our  0pen Facebook Page!

Replanting Lives Support for families uprooted by mental illness/brain disorders is meeting every Tuesday morning at 10:30am – Noon via Zoom.

We have a shop with products for download including motivational cards for “Surviving & Thriving Through the Pandemic.”  The cards are FREE to download!  Everything else in our shop has had the prices slashed through this time!

Another group we offer is, “Rebuilding Lives,” a network of men and women who are experiencing significant life changes brought about through bereavement, divorce, and other life-changing events, in collaboration with and offered by the Bedford Council on Aging.  We meet every Tuesday night, 7pm – 9 pm via Zoom.

The Rebuilding Facebook page has ideas, tips, and connection through this time of social distancing:

May is Mental Health Awareness Month.  If you can, consider donating to Grow a Strong Family so that we can continue developing resources for families uprooted by mental illness/brain disorders.  One hundred percent of donations are used by the organization for its continuing ability to support families where they are  and as they are.  Help us support you!

Donations welcome and accepted through our website

Shop through the AmazonSmile program by selecting Grow A Strong Family, Inc.  Visit our author page on amazon to see the booklets available for purchase!

To donate a vehicle or any motorized conveyance in any condition, Call 855-500-7433 or

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