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April 2020 Newsletter

News & Options

Grow a Strong Family understands that this time of social distancing can be especially difficult for families.  Please take this survey and let us know when we can set up online chats:

Replanting Lives Group Tues April 14 10:30-noon via Zoom.  FREE!  Your Digital Links Page URL is

Our 5th Annual Meeting and our 1st BINGO Night on March 11, before the COVID19 Freeze, was a success.

We have received a $500 grant from Constellation Community Support to develop and implement a psychoeducation game for family members uprooted by the mental illness of loved ones with themes including safety, family strategies, and caretaker care.  “Through Constellation’s Community Champions program, our customers can apply for small grants (up to $500) from Constellation for causes that are important to their community. Preferred consideration will be given to those requests where the project, organization, or initiative focuses on education, environment, or youth.”

“Rebuilding Lives” is a network of men and women who are experiencing significant life changes brought about through bereavement, divorce, and other life-changing events, offered by the Bedford Council on Aging.  Please visit the Facebook page for ideas, tips, and connection through this time of social distancing:  

BIG NEWS!  We have developed three online courses to train facilitators/family life educators of  the Replanting Lives program and any facilitator who works with families uprooted by mental illness/brain disorders.  The three courses are, “Family Strategies,” “Safety & Crisis management,” and “Caregiver Self-Care.”  Each course has relevant lessons including effective communication, developing a safety plan, and of course, building resilience in families uprooted by mental illness/brain disorders.  The courses have all been approved for CEUs from the National Council on Family Relations ( which is the premier professional association for understanding families through interdisciplinary research, theory, and practice. We are “live” and offering the courses for $10 each throughout the COVID19 pandemic!  The facilitator guides have been reduced to $9 each (  Check out the courses:

We have a shop with products for download including cue cards for managing through difficult times.  They are currently being offered for $5!

We were supposed to give a talk about “Mental Wellness: Managing Anxiety in Others and Ourselves.”  Poignant for these times!

We are doing what we can by updating our website as well as our Facebook pages.  Feel free to add to what is already there!

Visit our Pandemic Ponderings Page!

Be well!

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